Working for the biggest independently owned branding agency in the United States for over twenty years has had an enormous influence on my capabilities. During my tenure with The Richards Group I was blessed to work with some amazing national brands, world class creative talent and brilliant production staff. From editing a simple voice over for internet to mixing and sound designing network television commercials. Today I am available for Post Production work at CakeMix Recording Studio. Though the venue has changed, one thing remains consistent: I am focused on making the work the best it can be. From six second social posts to long form videos, I want all of my clients to know they are no less important than any other.

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Music is the driving force in my life and I am on a constant quest to listen and absorb everything I can from it. My playlist spans the gamut from country music to the most obscure experimental electronic pieces. They all have a place in my musical palate and all provide ideas for my creative database. I love to work with musicians. They are the personalities I am attracted to, their quirks and eccentricities are a great source of inspiration for me and there is nothing I enjoy more than partnering with those individuals to help them capture their art. My production philosophy is simple - capture the moment. Beautiful things happen when musicians are comfortable and not worrying about technical obstacles. Those are the opportunities for captuing lightning in the bottle. My job as engineer is to make sure musicians are at ease and can do what they do best - play, while I deal with the technical details of capturing their performance. My job as producer is to partner with musicians to help them take their writing and performance to its greatest potential.

I would be thrilled to partner with you on your musical journey. I am proficient and experienced in a diverse range of musical genres and will always bring something of value to the table. I now have access to an incredibly spacious tracking room with a triple sized isolation booth and big, comfortable control room.


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In the course of my career I’ve worn many hats, among them are the roles of composer, arranger and musician. From writing jingles to creating soundtracks for visuals, I have a broad skill set. Since joining with CakeMix Recording Studio, I now have a musical partner in Bruce Faulconer. I am the Yin to his Yang. He is a serious composer, deeply studied and seasoned in all things musical. He is gifted in his ability to jump from full orchestral scores and choral arrangements to Broadway Musical styles to more modern popular music.  My stylings lean more into rock, elctronica, ambient and purely beat driven music. Between the two of us we have what you are looking for surrounded. Additionally I have a deep roster of musicians for hire that can lend their talents to projects as needed. Above all, I have the production chops to direct and deliver quality musical product.


Here is a brief collage of creative music projects for hire (jingles, radio IDs, production music and yes, music on hold).

And here are a few examples of digital projects.


My instrument of choice is the modular synthesizer and I have made a habit of deeply exploring this instrument. I was very much inspired by the visual artist Beeple, who has been creating a piece of digital artwork everyday for over thirteen years, In 2021 I embarked on a similar quest to create, record and publicly post a new electronic music track everyday. It was one of the most difficult and enlightning personal challenges I have ever endeavored to pursue and I did it, 365 tracks, not all of them good , but religiously done every single day for a year. They are available to stream on Soundcloud. Performing and recording as Borgbilly, I am exploring everything my modular kit has to offer. 



I offer a wide range of technical services to recording studios, post production, entertainment and educational facilities. From consultation and training to system design and implementation, I have the experience and education to help you reach your goals and refine your capabilities.


Technical wiring, system design, system implementation and troubleshooting are specialties I have developed through projects for hire as well as personal need. From overseeing an A/V design build for The Meyerson Symphony Center Suites to designing and implememnting the patchbay and wiring plant for a Mix Magazine Class of 2015 Audio Post Production facility, I have the experience and practical user knowledge to make your studio/live systems more agile and more user friendly. I am also quite handy when it comes to helping users plan, troubleshoot and optimize their personal studios and live performance kits.


Nothing is more frustrating than trying to figure out why it doesn’t work. Sometimes it is as simple as a misplaced cable, other times it could be a hardware failure. Worse yet, it may be a software conflict. I have been working in audio facilities based on everything from two-inch tape to Mac based DAWS and just about everything that lies between since 1984. I have tens of thousands of working hours in Protools systems and know where most of the demons live. I am also an ISCET certified technician with a specialization in audio gear. Have soldering iron, will travel. Or maybe you just need a facility on the far end to help you optimize your home voice over studio for Source Connect recording.


I have always enjoyed the opportunity to share my knowledge with others. There is a priceless reward in seeing someone who has struggled with a concept, suddenly get it. I have devoted a percentage of my life to furthering the education of others in audio. I taught at a school of audio engineering, helped develop their curriculum, wrote and published a text for their electronic music classes, and have served on their advisory board from 1987 to present. I regularly return for lectures, presentations and seminars covering subjects from post production techniques to modular synthesizer performance. I am available for presentations and training from personal one-on-one teaching sessions to presentations and seminars for larger groups.